Dynamics CRM: 6 Principles of Customer Service to keep in Mind

Many times I run into situations where people think of software as IT and IT as technical skill. However CRM is about customers and its use is about establishing a corporate culture which embodies a system of beliefs about how these most valuable relationships are handled with care. As I have with sales, I strive to remind people of the basic concepts and principles we are trying to instill in the systems we implement.

So here are six principles of customer service to keep top of mind:

  • Be friendly and demonstrate good manners. Teach employees to smile, leading by example. Establish a culture of high quality customer service and commit to deliver superior service whether over the phone, by email or face-to-face.
  • Make customers feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated.
  • Treat customers with respect, empathy, and efficiency.
  • Listen actively to be responsive and exceed customer expectations.
  • Effectively resolve the customer’s problem.
  • Say "Thank you" and "Please" graciously.

These principles may seem to be common sense however their importance to success of a technical project which instills business process to service customers can never be underestimated.

Jeff Loucks

Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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