Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features Ebook

A couple of my fellow CRM MVPs have created a book for CRM 2011. First I want to congratulate Darren Liu and Jim Wang on their efforts.

What I found useful about the book is the approach. They featured a solution and walk readers through the architectural steps of a real world project. Then they match those structures to the features and technologies within CRM. I found it to be a light read which helps to introduce some of the new features of Dynamics CRM 2011.

For those of you looking for a project oriented approach, this book is very illustrative of how to walk through a CRM engagement. Complete with coding samples for client and server side code this is a great reference for developers.

Good Job Jim and Darren!

Jeff Loucks
Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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