Dynamics CRM–What is Supported–Different Rollups of Client and Server?

In a recent conversation with the Dynamics CRM products team the topic of supportability recently came up between different User Rollups(UR). Sustained Engineering does some testing against both scenarios,  i.e. higher UR version on servers vs. clients and higher UR version on clients vs. servers, for both CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011.  However, the test matrix, especially for CRM 4.0, is huge, so spot checking is done; the entire matrix is not tested by any means.  Test focus is probably on v-minus 1.

Standard rules of thumb are:

· Generally the servers are upgraded first and the clients after as quickly as feasible.  Until the clients are updated, they’ll be missing any Outlook Client-specific binary fixes

· Sometimes due to lack of test resources re: server upgrades + known, impactful Outlook client issues available in the Client rollups, customers will roll out higher UR versions on their clients

· When there is a client/server mismatch,

  • Try to keep the situation temporary, getting the versions in sync ASAP
  • Try to minimize the “mismatch delta”; obviously, running (for example) RTM (UR0) clients against UR6 servers is more risky (and less likely to be tested) than running UR5 clients against UR6 servers.

Hope this is helpful,

Jeff Loucks
Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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