Windows 8 Task Manager

In an earlier post I talked about improvements to system monitoring tools in Windows 8 projecting that we should start seeing for the first time GPU monitoring. To my knowledge this has not been included. However, system performance is much more useful presenting lots of great information. This is part of a completely overhauled Task Manager experience. Accessing Task Manager remains the same. (CTRL+ALT+DEL). Here we take a deeper look at the Performance tab of Task Manager. Note the live graphs on the left. These are Metro Style “live tiles” that provide information about the system. When you tap them … Continue reading Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8–Internet Explorer 10 has spell check

With Windows 8 and IE 10, spellcheck is in the house! Yes, I did my happy dance. For years I oscillated with changing to competitive browsers for this one feature. My Chrome buddies will be saying “so what, it has been that way for years with the Google browser”. However with so many thing IE is just better especially compatibility with Microsoft technologies. So it was a grin and bear it. Today, I discovered while typing in a web form that the wait is over. As I tip my hat to Google for bringing the pressure to release this feature, … Continue reading Windows 8–Internet Explorer 10 has spell check

Windows 8 Community Preview First Look

Throwing caution to the wind, Windows 8 Community Technical Preview went on my main workstation in an in place upgrade process. The first experience is pretty good and there were no errors during the upgrade. Out of the box, I have some funky functionality related to mouse drivers and the touch screen I use, Acer T230H. I have had troubles with this in part because of my ergonomic layout which forces me to use my touch as the second monitor resulting in the input affecting a different screen. In the end, I was able to get over these problems by … Continue reading Windows 8 Community Preview First Look