Windows 8 Community Preview First Look

Download the Windows 8 Consumer PreviewThrowing caution to the wind, Windows 8 Community Technical Preview went on my main workstation in an in place upgrade process. The first experience is pretty good and there were no errors during the upgrade.

Out of the box, I have some funky functionality related to mouse drivers and the touch screen I use, Acer T230H. I have had troubles with this in part because of my ergonomic layout which forces me to use my touch as the second monitor resulting in the input affecting a different screen. In the end, I was able to get over these problems by switching the monitors and making my touch screen the primary.

I needed to know the shortcut for opening the System panel which allows access to device manager (Windows Key and Pause Break). From there I had to use Tab Navigation to remove the mouse from from installed devices and have it reload. After that the mouse worked fine. Likely I could have just unplugged the mouse and had it redetect that way. In any event the mouse pointer did come back. The touch input required a similar approach and is now working well. The whole process took about 2 hours which with the massive amount of applications on this desktop I feel the process and length of time is pretty good.

Having looked around the user interface, it is not evident how to get to your applications. A generation of using the Windows Start Button is now gone. The Windows Key exposes the new metro display and if you simply start typing it sorts the applications and files automagically.

For people upgrading from Windows 7 there will be a learning curve. From past experience, I know these learning curves soon fade.

Back with more soon,

Jeff Loucks
Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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