Windows 8–Internet Explorer 10 has spell check

With Windows 8 and IE 10, spellcheck is in the house!

Yes, I did my happy dance. For years I oscillated with changing to competitive browsers for this one feature. My Chrome buddies will be saying “so what, it has been that way for years with the Google browser”. However with so many thing IE is just better especially compatibility with Microsoft technologies. So it was a grin and bear it.

Today, I discovered while typing in a web form that the wait is over. As I tip my hat to Google for bringing the pressure to release this feature, I say thank you to the IE 10 team for making me happy on this fine spring day. Spellcheck in the browser, I should be ashamed to say, is a feature so valuable it is worth the switch to Windows 8 on its own.

Jeff Loucks
Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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