Windows 8 Task Manager

In an earlier post I talked about improvements to system monitoring tools in Windows 8 projecting that we should start seeing for the first time GPU monitoring. To my knowledge this has not been included. However, system performance is much more useful presenting lots of great information. This is part of a completely overhauled Task Manager experience.

Accessing Task Manager remains the same. (CTRL+ALT+DEL). Here we take a deeper look at the Performance tab of Task Manager.


Note the live graphs on the left. These are Metro Style “live tiles” that provide information about the system. When you tap them with a touch interface or click them with a mouse they show an expanded view on the right as seen below.


The information presented does allow you to make quick decisions about what is going on in your system. However Resource Monitor does remains the in depth tool which improve your ability to surface information about your system.

Kudos to the Task Manager enhancement team on doing an excellent job with the Performance Tab. I am still waiting for GPU monitoring… tap, tap, tap.

Jeff Loucks
Chief Strategy Officer | Winrox | 425-577-7377

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