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Ok you have got multiple email addresses and you want to be able to send from the same Office 365 account. If you have been administering Exchange for any time you know the work around is to use a POP3 account. The question is how do you get the workaround to work with Office 365?

For those of you reading and asking the question how do I receive email from multiple addresses, please note that this post does not cover this topic. More Info on Receiving Email from Alias.


  • You need a computer with Outlook Installed.
  • You need to be able to sign in to Office 365 with at least one of the users accounts.
  • You need to have previously set up the ability to have other email addresses/aliases as linked to above.

Steps to complete task:

1) Sign into to and select Outlook
2) Click the Options link then select See All Options
3) On the My Account tab and click the link for Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access…
4) Copy the server server names for POP and SMTP. They will probably be the same, but make sure.
5) On the computer with outlook installed, click File > Account Settings > then Account Settings again.
6) On the email tab click new
7) On the Add New Account window, click Manually configure… and then click next.
8) Select Internet Email
9) Fill in the information and then click More Settings
10) On the Internet E-mail Settings window in the Outgoing Server tab, click to enable My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication.
11) Select the Advanced tab. Check require (SSL). Change Outgoing Server (SMTP) to 587. Select TLS from the Use the following type of encryption dropdown. Click OK to close the dialogue.
12) Click Next, test the account settings, and then click through to Finish
13) Click File> Options> Advanced
14) Scroll down to Send and receive and click the Send/Receive button
15) In the Group Name area, select All Accounts, and then click Edit
16) Deselect the ‘Include the selected account in this group.’
17) Click OK > click Close > click OK
18) Test it by creating a new email message
19) Click the Options tab > find the Show Fields group > click to show the ‘From: field.’

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