Office 365 Fuels Agile Workforce in Auction and Office Rental Business




Winrox role helping companies reinforce their competitive advantage takes us to the largest enterprises in the world. Perhaps one of the best examples of what Office 365 can do for organizations is embodied in our smallest client. This client embodies how complexity can be handled in such a manner as to bring simplicity with the right investments in the right tools.

Space2Work and are two businesses run by Shelley Buleziuk and her family. Her husband Mark whose skills drive the business and Shelley masterfully runs the organization which supports their work and that of their 6 other employees who manage hundreds of auctioneers and several properties.

clip_image015[4]“What is interesting about these companies is the work across borders, have a light and agile distributed workforce and leverage collaboration tools extensively to keep themselves and their assets highly utilized.” Said Jeff Loucks of Winrox. Space2work is a rental office space company with offices in Manitoba, Iowa and Missouri. FastTalker provides auctioneers to real-estate auctions across North America although predominantly in the USA. The main office is in Winnipeg and Chloe Shaw provides logistical support to a workforce of several hundred auctioneers.

clip_image013[4]“I was originally interested in making my Microsoft tools more flexible and Office 365 being in the cloud naturally supported our remote workers.” Said Buleziuk. “We don’t have an IT department and we have a mixture of Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and other technologies supporting our staff. Our Partner Winrox knew exactly how to support each of these environments and walked us through the process of setting it up for us. I can do it myself now and the other day I configured Mark’s iPad to receive his email in seconds. The tools like Outlook and Lync help us keep in sync.”

“What was interesting with Space2work and FastTalker was the need to keep 2 separate email accounts working from one mailbox. People in the company wear several hats and although what they do is complex, the solutions that support them need to be effortless. We developed a technique for managing all of their different corporate domains emails from one Office365 account per user greatly simplifying the overhead each user faced. Each device they use has the integrated mail box and those mailboxes are the same across devices. They can work how they want where ever they are and wear the hats that needs to be worn to resolve the issue at hand without any additional complexity.” Said Loucks.
clip_image010[4]“Being able to send FastTalker email when I am doing Fasttalker business and Space2work email when I am doing Space2work business all from one place simplifies the complexity I deal with every day.”, says Chloe Shaw. “We travel back and forth between Canada and the United States, the Microsoft Lync program allows us to be able to work together by sharing our screens and programs even though we are miles apart.”
The Customer is King for any small business and these tools really help keep Space2work and Fasttalker responsive in exceeding customer expectations.

Which package do they use?

Office 365 Enterprise E3 which includes:

Office Applications

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Note: Jeff Loucks blog covers the techniques used to have multiple domains in one mailbox and the send from Alias technique. Both Articles can be found on this blog.

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