Is technology programming us, It is not what we expected

Through out science fiction’s history the concept of creating an artificial intelligence which eventually achieves the ability to take over the world has been a dominant theme. The central character is often a robot who wires together the world computer networks and holds humanity at threat of nuclear war or some other catastrophe. Here is what I see as we increasingly depend on the incredible insights of technology assisted decision making. Maybe what will happen is that technology will bring so much value to our decision making processes we will be unable to question it in the long run. This … Continue reading Is technology programming us, It is not what we expected

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Licensing Model Changes

The long and short of it is there are several changes in the way SQL 2012 will be offered from a licensing and product stand point. The Three Main Versions of SQL Server   Server + CAL Core-Based Enterprise Business Intelligence (NEW) Standard   What you need to know about Core based Licensing Microsoft is moving towards licensing by computer power for Enterprise Customers Core Pack are sold in units of 2 with a minimum of 4 required per physical server. With physical server licensing you must license all of the cores of the server. Note for Enterprise Customers: Check … Continue reading Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Licensing Model Changes

Microsoft Office 365 Trust Center

I am happy to announce that the efforts of the Office 365 Identity team are coming to light with the announcement of the Trust Center today. My concerns about security of Office 365 have been met with continued focus by Microsoft to address and meet my expectations. However, I am not their only client and this approach has been consistently replicated around the globe in a manner which evolved the product offering. Office 365 Trust Principles Your Privacy Matters > We respect the privacy of your data Leadership in Transparency > You know ‘where’ data resides, ‘who’ can access it … Continue reading Microsoft Office 365 Trust Center

Gates and Ballmer Showed Leadership Around Courier

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer showed incredible leadership managing the transition from the 2008 downturn to preserve Microsoft as a major player in the technology industry today. For those of you unfamiliar with the Courier project at Microsoft it is a product that was cut back in 2008/09 when Microsoft was facing the global economic meltdown. Microsoft faced an unknown future with doom and gloom on every 6 o’clock news channel. At the same time they were on an R&D spending spree which had never been seen before in the history of man. Recent news reports have been critical of … Continue reading Gates and Ballmer Showed Leadership Around Courier

Skype officially joins the Microsoft suite of products

Microsoft and Skype made it through the hoops to join hands in servicing the communication needs of businesses and consumers alike. It was good timing for both companies. My view is that Skype had reached its pinnacle as an independent service and the road to continued growth was paved by its ability to integrate with products like Microsoft used by millions of users worldwide. For Microsoft it is acquiring massive amounts of new clients to offer feature enhanced services is a veritable strategic coups. Growth would have been slowed for each of these two companies as the competed for the … Continue reading Skype officially joins the Microsoft suite of products

Why Middle men is an important film in the IT Industry

It may not be pure. It may not be a dramatic master piece however Middle Men represents an important fundamental of business over the Internet. The payment system. As a key component of how services are offered the film describes how the payment system came to light and how the confidence of the consumer is quintessential in making services consumable over the Internet. It will draw to your attention several aspects of consumer confidence which might not seem evident out of the gate. The film is offered on Netflix now and what better way to view a movie about payment … Continue reading Why Middle men is an important film in the IT Industry

307 MPH / 494 KPH Electric Vehicle Speed Record

On August 27th electrons which could otherwise have power the worlds longest laptop battery life powered the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 to a 307 MPH EV land speed record. The Buckeye project lead by David Cooke, Ohio State’s team manager may not be certified by FIA who rejected a 2004 record made by the same team. It will be a couple of weeks before FIA may officially sanction the record. The Team The team’s 2.5 initiative was sponsored in part by Venturi, a French electric vehicle company, which produced 25 examples of a two-seat, 300,000-euro coupe called the Fetish during the … Continue reading 307 MPH / 494 KPH Electric Vehicle Speed Record

Aurora Sheds Light on Public Skies

In case you missed it, a new server solution for the SMB space has cracked open the door of its private enclave. The Aurora is lighting up where there was nothing but NDA darkness before.  The party within is attracting people who want to see what is going on inside. Let this mystical product that has been lingering in subtext of MVP non-disclosure talk simplify some of the basic needs of every day business users. I call is a stepping stone product that helps businesses manage their data locally while leveraging the  Cloud to promote redundancy and agility. Here is … Continue reading Aurora Sheds Light on Public Skies

SCVMM 2008 R2 Rollup releases

It is hot off the press. List of issues that are resolved:SCVMM Server Rollup Issue 1: A high availability virtual machine with a GPT pass-thru disk is reported is reported as “Unsupported Cluster Configuration.”  Issue 2: When you manage VMware Virtual Center that has distributed switches, the Virtual Machine Manager service (Vmmservice.exe) crashes. Issue 3: After Quick Storage Migration is completed, the Failover Cluster Management MMC snap-in reports that the VM still uses the old CSV volume. Issue 4: If a VM is configured with 3 virtual processors, the SCVMM Admin Console crashes. Issue 5: The settings for the virtual … Continue reading SCVMM 2008 R2 Rollup releases

4 days in DC planning IAMCP and WPC activities

DC is a great city and will be a fantastic host for WPC this year. After 4 days in a headlong rush with Pam Salzer and the IAMCP international crew, I can couhc this is going to be a fantastic event with Partners out front. Every detail is being wrapped up as we speak. Cheers, see you at WPC in July, Jeff LoucksAvailable Technology