EBS – SharePoint – TMG and ISA – Postback and Read-Only fix

This is an early report of a fix to a problem which showed up in EBS at a client site. First, I would like to say if you are facing this problem the fix will not be instantaneous because of a number of technologies at play. The Problem 1) When a user goes to save a new SharePoint item such as an announcement, the page returns an error. As a result of the error, the item is not created. The page reports a Postback Error. 2) When a user uploads a document to SharePoint there is no problem. When the … Continue reading EBS – SharePoint – TMG and ISA – Postback and Read-Only fix

EBS: Leveraging Single Sign On (SSO) in TMG for Sharepoint

There is a never ending source of learning in EBS and I wanted to document a solution we rendered for Michael Hensley around Single Sign On with TMG and EBS to deliver SharePoint without multiple prompts. Before Available Technology resolved the issues, every time a SharePoint page was loaded from the outside world through the Remote Web Workplace, the user was prompted several times for various reasons. The first was because of unsecured content being presented through the https page. This caused a warning to fire for each bit of content that was coming from an http source. The second … Continue reading EBS: Leveraging Single Sign On (SSO) in TMG for Sharepoint

EBS Fix GAL address lookup TMG

When using OWA (internally or externally in this situation), when one either chooses to search the Global Address List or pages forward from the first 50 members of the list, OWA searches for a few moments and then returns the error: “Could not connect to a directory server.  If the problem continues, contact technical support for your organization.”  This is a known issue and can be resolved using the following method. To resolve this issue, either use Outlook lite (I did not actually try this) or, in the TMG Firewall Outlook Web Access publishing rule, go to the Link Translation … Continue reading EBS Fix GAL address lookup TMG