Office 365 Fuels Agile Workforce in Auction and Office Rental Business

Winrox role helping companies reinforce their competitive advantage takes us to the largest enterprises in the world. Perhaps one of the best examples of what Office 365 can do for organizations is embodied in our smallest client. This client embodies how complexity can be handled in such a manner as to bring simplicity with the right investments in the right tools. Space2Work and are two businesses run by Shelley Buleziuk and her family. Her husband Mark whose skills drive the business and Shelley masterfully runs the organization which supports their work and that of their 6 other employees who … Continue reading Office 365 Fuels Agile Workforce in Auction and Office Rental Business

Security Development Lifecycle Agile (SDL)

Perhaps the greatest challenge in Agile development methods is producing secure code in a Sprint. Microsoft developed the Security Development Lifecycle with a waterfall development methodology in mind.   So what do you do in a SCRUM environment? One solution might be to take all the SDL requirements and put them into the product backlog, then pull them into the active queue (aka the sprint backlog, if you’re using Scrum) just like any other user story. Another approach is to complete the entire SDL in every iteration. Every iteration would provide secured functionality after the SDL requirements have been completed. However, a … Continue reading Security Development Lifecycle Agile (SDL)