Branch Office: Thought Process – some considerations from the field

While choosing a branch office solution, you have to address various issues, such as security, data replication, minimal IT capabilities, hardware costs, unauthorized physical access, and unwanted changes to Active Directory. The following bulleted list discusses the points above and highlights the solutions to address the concerns. (Source:MSL 89-389) Security In case the security at the branch office is your major concern, you should use the  Server Core installation option of the Windows Server 2008 operating system and install , RODCs, Server Message Block (SMB) 2.0, and BitLocker Drive Encryption. Server core offers a reduced attack surface because of the … Continue reading Branch Office: Thought Process – some considerations from the field

Branch Office: Creating Visio Diagrams

Spider webs. That is what I call most network diagrams I see. A diagram is worth a thousand words when it comes to understanding the layout of your network. There are a few skills which help you get full value out of diagramming and it is the intent of this post to highlight a few. Most involve clearing the cobwebs and bringing clarity through visual cues. I am using a diagram that comes from an administrator for whom I have a lot of respect. He has taken on challenges and kept to a tight budget while advancing the use of … Continue reading Branch Office: Creating Visio Diagrams

Branch Office: Three most common topologies

In planning a branch office configuration, you have to consider the impact of service level and user demands on the topology selection. From full Centralized Infrastructure where all of the resources are managed at the head office through to Full Local Infrastructure where the branch has local copies of everything they need to work. Here are the three main types: Fully Centralized – The head or Hub office provides all of the needed applications and authentication. Hybrid – Key workloads are transfered to the office Fully Local – All applications and authentication performed by local resources Jeff LoucksAvailable Technology  Subscribe in … Continue reading Branch Office: Three most common topologies