Keyboard shortcuts

Productivity has many forms however keyboard shortcuts are perhaps the most useful. I am never able to remember them all but I find reviewing them from time to time allows me to gradually increase my repertoire. Here is a listing I have compiled. This section from: Windows system key combinations F1: Help CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs ALT+F4: Quit program SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE) Windows program key combinations CTRL+C: Copy CTRL+X: Cut CTRL+V: Paste CTRL+Z: Undo CTRL+B: Bold CTRL+U: Underline CTRL+I: Italic Mouse click/keyboard modifier combinations for … Continue reading Keyboard shortcuts

RODC: How to Defrag or Compact the Active Directory Database

A Read Only Domain Controller has the benefit of being able to perform administrative maintenance tasks without entering into Active Directory Restore Mode which previously required a reboot. The following command shows how to compact the Active Directory database from the command line. Before you start, remember not to leave the Active Directory Services stopped for a long period of time since replication of the active directory data will not occur during the period where it is shut down. Stop the Active Directory Services. From the command prompt with administrative privileges type ntdsutil and press enter type activate instance ntds … Continue reading RODC: How to Defrag or Compact the Active Directory Database