Free Online Training

Microsoft has a number of great resources to help you in areas of professional development and access to software. The Microsoft Virtual Academy contains some fantastic FREE online training on hot topics for IT Professionals. Once you’ve stopped by and tried out a course or two — head on over to the Microsoft Eval Center to download copies of their server products to try out in your lab environment. And while you’re at it, check out this free Microsoft Office 365 ebook by Katherine Murray, it shows you how you can use cloud computing to help get more done and … Continue reading Free Online Training

Microsoft Licensing the insiders review for home and work

One of the areas Microsoft has always feedback on is Licensing. Whether you need to buy one license from a traditional retail store or explore options for a more flexible volume licensing program, it can be confusing and sometimes downright intimidating to figure out what you need. The following is a list Microsoft believes will help with highlighted resources you can use to help figure out exactly what you need when you talk with your software reseller. Speaking of licensing – when it comes to virtualization and competitive claims at a more cost effective Virtualization solution for your server rooms. … Continue reading Microsoft Licensing the insiders review for home and work

Sizing the Page File for Hyper-V Host Server

Like many things in the Hyper-V world understanding and attributing resources is extremely important. The page file is an important aspect of debugging servers and can in some instances allow servers to handle situations which temporarily exceed the physical memory of the server. Without rehashing the importance of the page file, in this post I will try to give reference and personal opinion on page file size and the thinking behind the conclusions. It is important to note that no significant testing or guidance exists to my knowledge at the time of writing about sizing page files which is based … Continue reading Sizing the Page File for Hyper-V Host Server

Office Spell 2010 Spell Check not Working

I ran into a strange problem with spell check. Seems it had stopped working for no apparent reason. Here is what I found that fixed it. a. Close Word and any other open applications. b. Click on Start | Run | Open and type "regedit" (without the quotation marks). c. If the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override exists, delete it. d. Exit the Registry Editor. e. Restart your computer I validated that on most computers the Override key does not exist. I am not sure Office 2010 beta placed these keys as it expired. Hope this helps if you find the … Continue reading Office Spell 2010 Spell Check not Working

Are analysts experts – Analyst Report Positions Telcos as strong players in the cloud Market

Would you buy Hosted Exchange from your Telco? That is the question that analysts predict you will be answering in the affirmative giving everyone else in the industry a ‘run for their money’. See the article here: While Analyst are described as experts their lack of knowledge as to what goes in to selling complex cloud hosted applications leaves obvious omissions from their reports. Fundamentally, Telcos offer services which require no expertise to consume, configure or deploy. Telcos are not well positioned to use a solution selling methodology that can take hours and require in-depth analysis to select and … Continue reading Are analysts experts – Analyst Report Positions Telcos as strong players in the cloud Market

What is Windows 7 Godmode?

Windows 7 has a Godmode….? Huh Yes, it is true and it is useful. How to do it: Open any folder on your computer and make a new folder named: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} When you open the new folder there will be shortcuts to all the wizards you could want to use Here is a list of what you get: Accommodate learning abilitiesAccommodate low visionActivate WindowsAdd a deviceAdd a printerAdd a wireless device to the networkAdd clocks for different time zonesAdd gadgets to the desktopAdd or remove programsAdd or remove user accountsAdd the Clock gadget to the desktopAdjust ClearType textAdjust screen resolutionAdjust … Continue reading What is Windows 7 Godmode?

Hyper-V 2008 R2: High Availability, Clustered Shared Volumes, SAN Architecture

In this post I will cover a couple of gotchas of using Clustered Shared Volumes in Hyper-V 2008 R2. The first takeaway is that anyone reading this article should have is that Hyper-V 2008 R2 has the greatest flexibility using iSCSi for SAN connectivity. Using Fibre Channel limits your flexibility in the current relase when the design goal is high availability with a response time of continously live service. Through this article I will layout why I say this and give some illustrative scenarios. Scenario 1 The following diagram shows the basic Two node SAN connected architecture for virulaization with … Continue reading Hyper-V 2008 R2: High Availability, Clustered Shared Volumes, SAN Architecture

Why Dynamics CRM is shedding partners

Partners have been sending me complaints and finally started to ask why I as a community leader, I was not stadning up for them. I hope this post helps everyone involved begin to address this issue. Partners have found that direct communication with Microsoft has not given them satisfaction. Dynamics CRM Partners are leaving the fold because of the bleed Microsoft is creating in partner investment to develop a practice. Through what amounts to years of simply devasting leadership and treatment to its partner channel, people are seeing the real life effects of subsidizing Microsoft’s software sales. “Parnters are used by … Continue reading Why Dynamics CRM is shedding partners