and its ilk are unauthorized blog mirrors stealing intellectual property

Recently, a shady outfit that goes by a number of names, all of which have to do with ID Theft have been stealing the content of my blog and mirroring it on their site as their own. They take the contents, verbatim, and list it as having been written by “SecuMania staff,” which I am not. I just wanted to make you aware that I have NOT authorized this theft of intellectual property, nor do I have anything whatsoever to do with any of their shady business practices or anything they advocate on their site. I am doing my best at cleaning up the trackbacks their site creates, but it is not entirely successful.

The unauthorized copies are shown on several different URLs, all of which are related. They also seem to scrape other content, which, presumably, they have no right to.

<site data removed upon request>

It is not clear whether the site is simply trying to boost Google rankings or whether they are trading in malware, but personally, I would treat anything they try to sell on that site as malware. Stay away from all these sites and don’t download or purchase anything from them.

Heh, the attached screenshot is funny.

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