Remotely listing all installed updates

A couple of weeks ago I published a script to list installed updates. Predictably, one of the comments ask for a version that can do that remotely. Here it is.

This version can be run a couple of ways. First, you can double-click it. If you do it will prompt you for which computer to list the updates on. If you just type "." (a dot) it will use the local computer. If you type a name it will connect to a remote computer and list them from there. However, you must be authenticated to the remote computer before you can do this. The script does not authenticate for you.

Another way to run it is more convenient for remote use. You can open a command prompt, use runas /user:<someuser> cmd.exe and then run the script from within the new prompt. If you do that you can either just run the script and it will prompt you, or you can type the name of the computer you want to list the updates from on the command line, as in: GetUpdates2.vbs <somecomputer>. If you want to get updates from more computers, type GetUpdates2.vbs <somecomputer> <someothercomputer> <yetanothercomputer>. Just append more computers on the command line. I have tried it with three computers, but it should work with more. The output file will have the output for all of them within one file. Remember too that the file is overwritten each time you run the script.

The script also prints the number of updates on each computer. This number will almost certainly not match the number you see actually listed. It includes updates that have been replaced and are no longer installed on the computer, so that number is somewhat unreliable.

As usual, this script is provided AS IS. I do not warrant that it does anything useful, nor that it does not do anything harmful. Test it first before you use it in production.

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