1722 Error from InstallShield

Last week I found a post in the Vista newsgroups from a lady who was having problems installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus. She was getting an error 1722 upon installation on one computer out of three and the installation failed. She had called both Kaspersky and here computer manufacturer (HP) and neither could help. HP told her to get a new anti-virus package, and Kaspersky had no help to give.

Searching a little I found a solution on a site called MyDigitalLife.com, but it was a bit complicated getting at it, and it came in the form of some registry files with no real information on what the problem is. Therefore, I thought I would explain the problem here and give a solution that worked at least for this lady.

1722 is an error from Install Shield, a third-party installation technology. It means that some custom action failed during installation. Usually custom actions are used to run external software, such as regsvr32.exe to register something.

The thread on MyDigitalLife indicates that this has to do with a corrupted registry entry. It basically shows that, for some reason, the path in the registry to where the device driver information files are located has been corrupted. Thus, your first step in trouble-shooting should be to validate that path:

  1. Elevate a command prompt by right-clicking the Command Prompt in Start:All Programs:Accessories and selecting Run as administrator…
  2. From the command prompt, run regedit.exe
  3. If you have a 32-bit system, navigate to
    If you have a 64-bit system, navigate to
  4. Set the "DevicePath" value to "%SystemRoot%\Inf" (without the quotes).

If this does not help there could be other things wrong, but at least this seems to have helped several people.

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