Anatomy of a Hack 2008

A few years ago I delivered a very popular presentation I called "Anatomy of a Hack." Well, actually, I called it "How to Get Your Network Hacked in 10 Easy Steps" but the marketing department at my previous employer thought that title was a bit, edgy, so they renamed it. The Chinese called it "Anatomy of a Hacker" at TechEd China in 2005, but that's another story altogether. The presentation, which is actually documented in Protect Your Windows Network, had me wandering through an entire network once I got a foothold on one computer. For the past couple of years … Continue reading Anatomy of a Hack 2008

Security is About Passwords and Credit Cards, Part 3

The final installment in my series called "Security is About Passwords and Credit Cards" is now up on TechNet Magazine. This part of the series discusses updating technologies, including how not to abuse them, messaging about security, and the checkbox syndrome. It ends with the final comments about what we, as an industry, need to do better on to improve our users' ability to protect themselves.

Buy the original Olympic Torch from Beijing

"Buy the original Olympic Torch from Beijing" That was one of the fake headlines in the latest " Daily Top 10" malware spam I've been getting lately. This particular spam is a fake newsfeed which redirects you to one of many sites. All the sites have the same thing in common: they are designed to trick you into installing fake anti-malware software. I sent some screenshots I took to Sandi, and she wrote up a nice warning about it.