Microsoft Poland Empowers White People

In an absolutely astonishing move Microsoft's Polish subsidiary decided to do some photoshopping on its Business Productivity Infrastructure page to tailor it to the Polish market. Here you can see the U.S. original. In one of the least sensitive moves this year, the Polish subsidiary decided that black people in Poland do not need to be empowered, so here you can see what its version of that page looked like for a few hours today. As you can see from the current version on the Polish site, someone with a bit more human sensitivity than a teaspoon, and an I.Q. … Continue reading Microsoft Poland Empowers White People

Is it ActiveX that is the problem?

Last week, an expert from Verizon, nee Cybertrust, posted a note about the Active Template Library (ATL) security vulnerability over on the Verizon Business Security Blog. For home users, the phone company now advises you to use a different browser, ostensibly because IE and ActiveX are inherently insecure. I felt that quite missed the point that (a) browsers are software, and (b) all software has vulnerabilities, and (c) extension technologies in browsers add functionality, which (d) is implemented in the form of software, and therefore (e) introduce additional vulnerabilities. Just because Internet Explorer's extension technology is called ActiveX does not … Continue reading Is it ActiveX that is the problem?