Using Autoplay on Vista To Stop Attacks

The January issue of TechNet Magazine has an article I wrote about how to hack a system using autoplaying USB flash drives. While it is not possible to stop all attacks from USB tokens, Vista does include some interesting protective measures. However, the autoplay decision flow in Vista is quite convoluted, so I wrote a flowchart to explain it all. Full details are in the article.

Is Firefox More Secure than Internet Explorer?

Well, sure it is. According to the Firefox web site, which must of course be untainted by marketing claims since it is Mozilla, " Firefox continues to lead the way in online security". OK, marketing hyperbole aside, I'm a data guy. I care about what the data says. Fortunately, Jeff Jones collected the data and did the analysis. Rather than color your conclusions by mine, I will let you draw your own conclusions from his analysis because (a) Jeff is a friend of mine and I won't let that influence a judgement, and (b) there may be a slight conflict … Continue reading Is Firefox More Secure than Internet Explorer?

What They Teach Kids These Days

Sweden has always been a little "cutting edge," if you know what I mean. Little did I know, however, just how cutting edge. This picture was snapped in a toy store in Stockholm last week: I probably stood there stunned for a good two minutes. Brio is known for high-quality wooden toys, particularly railroads. Apparently they are branching out. Using the same basic track and the same gauge, you can now get "modern" toys in the Network line. That's right, the kids can now play network operators. The main kit is the Email Central Set, which is the e-mail sorting … Continue reading What They Teach Kids These Days