The problem about WMF sdk

I’m developing some applications on WMF SDK.

I suddenly found a strainge bug here.

If there’s a call on GetCodecInfo with the parameter about Audio, some “user defined exception” occurs…

When I check the call stack, I found Ntdll.dll is where the “user defined exception” occured.

When I check the output, I found some *.vwp files are also loaded while they disappared if run the application without debug.

And, if you delete the *.vwp files, there’re no “user defined exception” any more!!

I don’t know why still, and I’ll update my blog if any reason is clear to me.


My first post

Hi, guys,

This post is my first post in MSMVP blog.

Having been MVP for about one year, I start to know the value of MVP.

Glad to be here, and i’ll post some my blog posts before on other blog sites.

Welcome to jewelry’s MSMVP blog again, and thank you.