Visual Studio 2008 Web Service Issue

I discovered an issue in VS 2008 Beta 2 that will most likely be an issue when the product goes to RTM. I notified Microsoft of the issue and they have pushed this back to VS 2008 SP1 because its so late in the development process. The issue is with adding a web service to a website. When adding a web service to a pre-existing website, a template for a web service is created. It will take VS 2008 to realize that the file has inline code. Then, when adding a snippet (right-click in the code window and choose Insert … Continue reading Visual Studio 2008 Web Service Issue

Remix Boston

I was going to be a presenter at Remix Boston, but had to back down due to a previous conflict. However, it is definately promising to be a great event! Be sure to check out the details at

Purchase at a huge discount and support ADA

Scott Cate, the creater of, is offering the product at huge discounts to help Scott Hanselman reach his goal of $50,000 to donate to the American Diabetes Association. You can purchase the $99 version of (200 page limit) for $10.15 or the full $249 version of for $25.15. Find out more about this at This is the search engine I use on both and