Allowing a Server Control to Contain Custom Child Collection

I’ve probably done this at least a dozen times, but when you don’t do something everyday, you tend to forget. I created a custom control that I wanted to place into a control collection. So, I created the child control as a custom server control. Then I created another server control that contained a property called Items as a Generic.List(Of T) where T was my custom child control. I kept running my app and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t create my child controls in the Parent. I forgot that I had to import the namespace System.ComponentModel and add the … Continue reading Allowing a Server Control to Contain Custom Child Collection

IIS Stack in Windows Server 2003+

Apparently the IIS stack has changed in Server 2003. I’ve never noticed any issues with my ASP.NET apps, but in case you do, here’s the full post:

Apple Sneaking Safari download on QuickTime Users?

I have QuickTime installed on my PC. I just noticed that Apple is now trying to get users to download Safari using their Apple Software Update software. It’s checked by default but as you can see from the photo below, I decided not to install it. It’s interesting that they’re trying to force it down to user’s. 

Visual Studio’s Birthday?

I just read a post from Steve Andrews about Visual Studio. Little did I know that Visual Studio 97 came out on March 19, 1997. So, technically, today is VS’s birthday. How cool is that? Steve even posted the orginal mission for VS 97. Funny how its very similar to today’s purpose.

MIX 08 Sessions

I couldn’t make the MIX this year, but I can easily catch up on the content. You can too by visiting

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 – Websites that are Broken

IE8 Beta 1 now forces CSS 2.1 along with other web standards (includes some early HTML 5 stuff too!). I’m creating a list of websites that seem to be broken by the browser. Feel free to leave a comment if you come across other sites. Here’s what I found so far (notice that only part of the site may be broken and not necessarily all of the site): (missing menu bar at the top and bottom) (textbox at the bottom on the page) (content layout) (search bar) (content layout) (where’s the content?) (missing … Continue reading Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 – Websites that are Broken