Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 – Websites that are Broken

IE8 Beta 1 now forces CSS 2.1 along with other web standards (includes some early HTML 5 stuff too!). I’m creating a list of websites that seem to be broken by the browser. Feel free to leave a comment if you come across other sites. Here’s what I found so far (notice that only part of the site may be broken and not necessarily all of the site):

  • (missing menu bar at the top and bottom)
  • (textbox at the bottom on the page)
  • (content layout)
  • (search bar)
  • (content layout)
  • (where’s the content?)
  • (missing some menu in the left column)
  • (some elements are not aligned properly)
  • (items not aligned properly)
  • (main page)

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