Clearspring Widgets Don’t Work on 64-Bit Platform

Unless you are using IE 32-bit, don’t expect the Clearspring widgets to work. Clearspring is one of the leaders in building widgets for social networks and Vista. The reason their widgets do not work is because Flash is not yet supported on 64-bit platforms. By default, the Vista Sidebar on a 64-bit system displays widgets by using IE 64-bit. An example of a Clearspring widget in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics widget from

Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

For quite some time I’ve been working with a modified version of Scott Hanselman’s "Dark Theme" for Visual Studio. The reason for my modifications is that the HTML and CSS settings were very difficult to read. Here is the complete list of changes I’ve made in Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors: Plain Text font to Monaco, 9pt font size, white foreground, and the background to {42, 42, 42} Comment: {0, 217, 108} Compiler Error: Red CSS Comment: {0, 217, 108} CSS Keyword: Cyan CSS Property Value: Cyan CSS Selector: White CSS String Value: {238, 125, 125} … Continue reading Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 has been released to manufacturing (RTM’d) today. For more information about this release, be sure to visit Microsoft’s press release at

Amazon introduces Kindle

Amazon released a new portable device called Kindle to their marketplace today. Kindle has the ability to read thousands of books that are available in the Amazon marketplace. Users have the ability to preview books before they decide to purchase them. In addition, the Kindle product has the ability for users to store Microsoft Word documents on it for later viewing.

Who are the ASPInsiders?

Rob Chartier blogged about the ASPInsiders late last week. If you are unfamiliar about the group, it’s purpose, and it’s members, be sure to visit