Update Google Chrome Using Visual Studio

That’s right. You can build and modify Google Chrome using Visual Studio 2005. Google has provided instructions to setup your environment. You can then download the source from Google’s Subversion repository or download a tarball to build. Check it out at http://dev.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/getting-started.

Google Chrome Vulnerability

Many developers, including myself, have installed the initial beta of Google Chrome. However, downloaders beware. There is a new vulnerability (or old depending on how you look at it) with Google Chrome. For more information, check out the full ZDNet article at http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=1843&tag=nl.e539.

Initial Google Chrome Review

I listened to the announcement of Google Chrome this afternoon and also flipped through the comic book that Google released yesterday. My initial reaction was that Chrome is going to be just another browser that I’d need to support. After going through the the Chrome info and checking it out… … I noticed that most web applications and web sites do work with Chrome. Most of the app plug-ins work, but only some of the time. I visited ABC.com and noticed that some of the Flash came up just fine, but others did not. Since I have Vista Ultimate, I … Continue reading Initial Google Chrome Review

Google Chrome Released – Live Blog Script

Google Chrome has been announced and will be released at 3pm EST on September 2nd. More details to follow. All times below will be in EST. 2:08pm – Google’s shareholder conference about Chrome begins. 2:12pm – Showing how Amazon has changed since 1995. Idea of Chrome came from Google search. 2:13pm – Chrome – the borders of a web browser window, which include the window frames, menus, toolbars and scroll bars. 2:15pm – WebKit will power the core of Google Chrome. Google says if the site will work in Safari, it will work in Chrome. 2:17pm – V8 will power … Continue reading Google Chrome Released – Live Blog Script