Review: Keurig Platinum B70 Home Brewing System

While we’re still around the holidays, I figured I’d continue my break from actual dev content and review one of the gifts I received this holiday season. My wife picked up a Keurig B70 (Platinum); a single cup coffee/tea brewing system made by Keurig, a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect being that I’m a huge Starbucks fan. However, I was quite surprised. Here’s my quick wish list for Keurig:

  1. Additional Brands such as… hmmm… Starbucks? Or Seattle’s Best? Currently, I’m stuck with Green Mountain brands only (or tastes generated or packaged by them). The Tassimo system actually has a better variety. My wife got the Keurig for a good reason though. If the single-cup phases out, the My K-Cup still allows this device to be functional. I’ve tried it with Starbucks already, and it’s not the same as a true K-Cup. I’m not the only one asking for this. Just check out My Starbucks Idea at
  2. So the Platinum has an Iced feature much like the Flavia system. But unlike Flavia, there’s no Raspberry tea. I think they should re-invent the home brewing system idea. Why not have the ability to brew beverages such as raspberry tea, sweet tea, lemonade, etc? Also, why is the iced only in a 4oz size? Why not offer “plain” tea brands such as Lipton? My wife likes a nice cup of decaf, plain, black tea and that’s too difficult to find.
  3. While we are on the Flavia system, let’s talk about their Indulgence flavors. They have several chocolate drinks much like the Keurig. But, they also have a creamy cappuccino-like topping. Where is the creamy topping at Keurig? That would take this system to the next level too.
  4. Way out there – What about the system having 2 holsters for K-Cups? This would allow those of us that have 16oz-20oz cups to maximize our system. It would also allow for us to add in a chocolate drink and a creamy topping in the same cup without lifting the lid twice. This one isn’t as big of a deal, but you get the point.

Here are my gripes:

  1. When the system is in auto-off mode, the system doesn’t recognize when the lid is opened and shut. So, if I put a K-Cup in the system and then realize I need to hit the power button on to wake it up from sleep mode, it won’t realize that I’m ready to brew. I have to lift the lid again and close it again. This is just an inconvenience.
  2. The Green Mountain hot chocolate is not that chocolaty regardless of the size. In fact, when I use a smaller size, not all of the powder is absorbed. Hopefully the other flavors are a bit stronger.
  3. Number 4 above is not that far fetched. I have a nice 20 oz cup that would fit under the Keurig. Why can’t I brew 20oz in one shot? Also, what about a 10oz iced beverage? I haven’t made an iced beverage yet, but I don’t see why I can’t make a larger iced beverage. The iced option should work for all sizes.
  4. Marketing, marketing, marketing. This holiday season, I saw these puppies for sale in every ad I picked up. Why is it so tough to find the coffees in the stores? I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I can find a few in Price Chopper, Shurfine, and Foodtown stores, but for any selection, I have to visit Macy’s, Kohl’s, or Bon-Ton. Also, where are the hot chocolate or teas in the stores? They’re no where to be found. I’m also having a tough time finding decaf flavors. 

If anyone at Keurig comes across this, please feel free to respond here to my wishes by posting a comment or by contacting me directly.

Overall, I’d still recommend this system to anyone. There’s lots of improvements to be made, but right now, no one in this market space is taking the reins.

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