Only One Dialog Box is Allowed in Silverlight

Today I came across an interesting issue. I have a Silverlight project in which I’d like to be able to show the OpenFileDialog as well as a JavaScript alert. However, I was able to determine (and confirmed at StackOverflow), that the alert cannot happen first as the OpenFileDialog would be a second dialog on a single user action to the browser. By commenting out the alert, I was able to continue just as planned. The error that results is the following: The text reads: [FileDialog_UserInitiated] Arguments: Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to … Continue reading Only One Dialog Box is Allowed in Silverlight

Why the US is Helping Itself go Bankrupt

Earlier today, I received an email chain from a family member. I usually read these, but very rarely forward them off. However, this one brings up very interesting points. The tone of the email was against the current Obama administration. I’m going to try to do my best to remove the President’s office from this discussion. My reason for it is that whether or not I agree with the current Administration, I think this uncovers a larger problem with government spending. Setting the Tone Remember back to when you were young and in elementary school. You may remember your first … Continue reading Why the US is Helping Itself go Bankrupt

Visual Studio 11 – Now with some Color

The Visual Studio is constantly reviewing items that have been posted to their User Voice site. One of the items that I’ve been asking for, installation customization in Visual Studio, has been voted up to number 4 on the list. Keep the votes coming. Another item that I have voted for is adding color back to Visual Studio. Yesterday morning, the Visual Studio team announced that changes have been made and will be reflected in the Visual Studio Release Candidate. While I still feel there can be more work on the UI, I think it is heading back in the … Continue reading Visual Studio 11 – Now with some Color

So Where Have I Been Now?

I figured you may ask. Since my last post, I have been working hard to prepare and organize Northeastern PA’s only true technology conference, TECHbash 2012. The event was great! Everything was a huge success and the attendees seem to be pumped up for TECHbash 2013. Although we’re still 11 months away from our next event, we are already planning for the next one. If you think you may be interested in speaking, sponsoring, or volunteering, please let me know. We’ll have our first meeting regarding the event in August to begin carving out the details. Thanks to all that … Continue reading So Where Have I Been Now?