Getting the Shutdown Dialog in Windows 8

One of the tasks that seem awkward in Windows 8 is the shutdown and restart process. One of my co-workers, Mark Beleski, had discovered a nice keyboard shortcut today. It’s nothing new, but something that I rarely used. Alt + F4 If you’re in an application, this usually closes out of the app (in desktop or the start menu modes). However, if Windows Explorer has focus (such as clicking on the task bar), you can press this key combination to get the shutdown dialog box:

On the Surface, the Marketing Stinks Already!

Tonight, February 9th, Microsoft is releasing their second tablet, the Surface Pro. Besides the Microsoft diehards, such as myself that will be ordering one within the first few minutes possible, I’m concerned that the masses are unaware. So, to solve my curiosity, I set out to see if I could find the answer for sure. Stop 1: The Sunday Newspaper Advertisements My first stop was to check out the Sunday advertisements found in my local newspaper for the week of February 3rd, 2013. Knowing that both Best Buy and Staples will be selling these devices, I assumed that I would … Continue reading On the Surface, the Marketing Stinks Already!