Converting Unix Epoch to Date in Excel

I ran into an interesting problem earlier today. I was using a CDR dump from our Cisco system. However, all of the datetime fields were represented as seconds. I knew right away that it used an epoch value. What I didn’t know is what the originating date was. Apparently, I was correct at my first guess. I guessed that it was using the standard Unix epoch value of 1/1/1970. Many applications, such as Microsoft Excel, use 1/1/1900. Since I wanted to represent the correct date and time in Excel, I began looking around for a formula. To my surprise, nothing … Continue reading Converting Unix Epoch to Date in Excel

Office Ergonomics – Carrying Laptops and Work

Last night, August 7th, on World News with Diane Sawyer, their research team collected evidence to show how carrying purses and other items can cause harm if too heavy. According to their research, a single shoulder strap bag, such as a purse, messenger bag, duffle bag, should not weigh more than 5% of your body weight on a consistent basis. So, if you’re a male weighing in at 200lbs, your bag shouldn’t be more than 10lbs. I wanted to see what that meant for me. I currently carry a 17” Dell Precision M6700 that weighs in at 7.76lbs. That’s hefty, … Continue reading Office Ergonomics – Carrying Laptops and Work

Blogging for 10 Years and Counting

I’ve kept track of tweets. I’ve kept track of the user group anniversary date. I’ve kept track of my marriage anniversary date. But, for some reason I forgot about when I started blogging. That was, until one of my good friends, G. Andrew Duthie, blogged about forgetting about his blogging anniversary as well. Like Andrew, my first blog was also up on the blog site. Over the years I have compiled 570 posts on that site (interesting coincidence since our area code is 570) before switching to my personal site. I’ve posted (technology only) a total of 632 times … Continue reading Blogging for 10 Years and Counting