Review: Stack Overflow DevDays Boston

So after having a full day of recovery (11 hours in the car within a 36 hour period), I’m back to the grind. I wanted to provide a quick review of what I saw and what I thought of the conference. First, the location within Boston was pretty good since it was right off of I90 in the heart of downtown. There were plenty of things to do within walking distance such as Fenway Park and the original location for Cheers The content was really good. Joel Spolsky gave a really good keynote to kick off the day talking about … Continue reading Review: Stack Overflow DevDays Boston

Common (and all System) Exceptions in .NET

I couldn’t find a list of exceptions for .NET anywhere on the web, although, I didn’t look hard. Below is a list of the exceptions that are in the System namespace. The exceptions in bold are, what I would consider, the most common. AccessViolationException AppDomainUnloadedException ApplicationException ArgumentException ArgumentNullException ArgumentOutOfRangeException ArithmeticException ArrayTypeMismatchException BadImageFormatException CannotUnloadAppDomainException ContextMarshalException DataMisalignedException DivideByZeroException DllNotFoundException DuplicateWaitObjectException EntryPointNotFoundException Exception ExecutingEngineException FieldAccessException FormatException IndexOutOfRangeException InsufficientMemoryException InvalidCastException InvalidOperationException InvalidProgramException InvalidTimeZoneException MemberAccessException MethodAccessException MissingFieldException MissingMemberException MissingMethodException MulticastNotSupportedException NotFinateNumberException NotSupportedException NullReferenceException ObjectDisposedException OperationCanceledException OutOfMemoryException OverflowException PlatformNotSupportedException RankException StackOverflowException SystemException TimeoutException TimeZoneNotFoundException TypeInitializationException TypeLoadException TypeUnloadedException UnauthorizedAccessException UniFormatException If there are any additional exceptions you’d … Continue reading Common (and all System) Exceptions in .NET

The Technology Post for June 22nd, 2009

If you are looking to follow this series, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed at or my Twitter account at This series can be followed by using the The Technology Post tag. Series Post #32 Other Link Lists Dew Drop – June 22, 2009 – Alvin Ashcraft Dew Dump – June 16, 2009 – Alvin Ashcraft .NET Languages – C# and Visual Basic C# – Overusing var in C# – Brendan Enrick Exception Handling – Logging Error Details with ELMAH – Scott Mitchell (Suggested by Phil Winstanley) IronRuby – IronRuby with WinForms and ADO.NET Data Access … Continue reading The Technology Post for June 22nd, 2009

Content on Non-Secured Site When Browsing Secured Web Application or Web Site

Nothing frustrates me more as when I try to login on a secured site and images, CSS, javascript files, and other content files are not secured. For instance, I went to retrieve/reset my password on and found this: A general rule of thumb is that your content should be hosted on a self-hosted or third party content delivery network (CDN) on both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Secured pages should only reference HTTPS linked files. var dzone_url = ‘’; var dzone_title = ‘Content on Non-Secured Site When Browsing Secured Web Application or Web Site’; var dzone_blurb = ‘Content on Non-Secured … Continue reading Content on Non-Secured Site When Browsing Secured Web Application or Web Site