AjaxDataControls DLL for ASP.NET 3.5

The AjaxDataControls that have been developed by the DotNetSlackers team have been out for some time now. They were originally developed using the AJAX 1.0 libraries (pre 3.5 days). I’ve recently encountered some issues where they don’t seem to be playing as nice in VS 2008. So, I’ve updated the dll and made it available for now on my site at http://jasongaylord.com/downloads/ajaxdatacontrols-3.5.zip. As soon as I can get into CodePlex, I’ll upload it there instead.

Copy Source As HTML in Visual Studio 2008

I needed Copy Source As HTML support in Visual Studio 2008. Luckily I came across this post today with a walk-through to set it up in VS 2008. I can’t wait for Microsoft to get this into Visual Studio. Too bad there wasn’t a Windows Live Writer add-on for it.

Visual Studio’s Birthday?

I just read a post from Steve Andrews about Visual Studio. Little did I know that Visual Studio 97 came out on March 19, 1997. So, technically, today is VS’s birthday. How cool is that? Steve even posted the orginal mission for VS 97. Funny how its very similar to today’s purpose.

Using Older AJAX Controls in Visual Studio 2008

I’ve been testing the DotNetSlackers’ AJAX Data Controls for a little bit and they’re definately cool. I ran into an issue, however, when trying to build an app with one of the controls in Visual Studio 2008 (.NET Framework 3.5). The assembly was compiled against version 1 of the AJAX Library. I continually received an error message stating “The control with ID ‘TestGrid’ requires a ScriptManager on the page. The ScriptManager must appear before any controls that need it.” However, it did have a ScriptManager before the TestGrid control. I bounced it off the Microsoft ASP.NET team and, like always, … Continue reading Using Older AJAX Controls in Visual Studio 2008

VS2008 VPCs Expiring 11/1 – Backup Your Data Now

I just read a post stating that the Visual Studio 2008 VPCs are expiring on November 1st, 2007. It is recommended that you backup any data that you don’t want to lose as soon as possible. More information can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/jeffbe/archive/2007/10/25/vs2008-beta2-vpcs-expiring-prematurely.aspx.

Visual Studio 2008 Web Service Issue

I discovered an issue in VS 2008 Beta 2 that will most likely be an issue when the product goes to RTM. I notified Microsoft of the issue and they have pushed this back to VS 2008 SP1 because its so late in the development process. The issue is with adding a web service to a website. When adding a web service to a pre-existing website, a template for a web service is created. It will take VS 2008 to realize that the file has inline code. Then, when adding a snippet (right-click in the code window and choose Insert … Continue reading Visual Studio 2008 Web Service Issue

Life with Visual Studio 2008

Wally McClure, a Microsoft MVP and ASPInsider, has put together a group of posts regarding “his life with Visual Studio 2008.” It’s great that someone has time to blog about their experience with VS 2008. Seriously though, Wally does a great job explaining his experiences and working through the bugs that I have no patience to deal with.

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Released

Technorati Tags: ASP.NET, Visual Studio It looks like Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is now available on the MSDN web site. According to the site, it was posted just 10 minutes ago. I’ve begun the download of the 3GB files and hopefully they’ll be ready for install sometime tomorrow. Feel free to wait until my copy is downloaded before you begin downloading yours. 🙂