Team Foundation and 64 bit Machines

Just to be clear from the start, Team Foundation Server is not supported on x64 machines. Recently, I setup a Windows Server 2008 box and was looking to install a fresh TFS database to use from this point forward. To my surprise, I received an error message when installing TFS that said that it is not supported on Windows Server 2003 x64. The error message details, although wrong about the version, were right. TFS is not supported on x64. My only option now is to setup Hyper-V if I’d like to run it on the box. Brian Harry seems to … Continue reading Team Foundation and 64 bit Machines

Installing Team Foundation Server 2008 on SQL Server 2008

One of the prerequisites for TFS 2008 is that it must be installed to work with SQL Server 2005 SP2 or SQL Server 2008. However, TFS 2008, by itself, will not work with SQL Server 2008. You’ll receive an error message that your SQL Server instance is not compatible as I’ve mentioned at You’ll receive other error messages such as Full Text not being installed. After struggling for a couple of days, I decided to ask one of my local TFS guru’s, Steve Andrews. He pointed me to an article that led me to Abdelhamid’s blog post at … Continue reading Installing Team Foundation Server 2008 on SQL Server 2008

Interesting Team Foundation Server Statistics

I was reading Somasegar’s blog earlier trying to get caught up on what’s going on out there. I came across an interesting post from yesterday where he talks about how Microsoft uses TFS. According to the blog, over 600 projects are currently scattered across 21 TFS server instances. In addition, over 100 million files are under source control. One of the “constant” complaints that you hear whenever Microsoft releases a new product is around its stability. I’ve been impressed as of late to find out how much Microsoft actually tests their products. In fact, Microsoft is using a beta build of … Continue reading Interesting Team Foundation Server Statistics