Technology Related Links – Post #2

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Technology Related Links – Post #1

I’m going to try to put together a list of links I grab and post them to intermittent blog posts. I’d like to do a post like this once a day or at the very least once a week, but let’s see where things go. 🙂 Anyway, here’s the first batch of links summarized by technology. Some of these may be a couple of weeks old, so please bare with me as the first list is quite lengthy. I’ll also add in recently released books, software releases and updates, and upcoming technology events. If you are looking to follow this … Continue reading Technology Related Links – Post #1

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Things have been quite busy with me lately and thus my post count has dropped significantly. Nope, I haven’t dropped off the earth. I have been working pretty hard on a few projects that I’ll hopefully be able to shed some light on soon. I gave an MVC/jQuery/IE8 talk recently at a Philly.NET Code Camp and posted a really basic app on CodePlex to support the talk. You can check it out at Otherwise, stay tuned!

Minifying HTML and JavaScript Using Microsoft Expression Web

I don’t get an opportunity to use Microsoft Expression Web that often, but when I do, I always discover new features. I was looking for a way to compress HTML and JavaScript files that I was generating for one of our affiliations. In Expression Web, simply go to Tools > Optimize HTML to see a list of options. Just remember to resave your files as a different name in case you remove comments unless the comments can be lost. If you need to take a .min file or a compressed file and see a more fluent version of the source, … Continue reading Minifying HTML and JavaScript Using Microsoft Expression Web

2 Great ASP.NET Podcasts

I’ve been quite busy working on a side project in which I’ll post more details very soon. However, I came across the two latest ASP.NET Podcasts in which I thought I’d share: Caching with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 ASP.NET AJAX with JQuery

Need To Set Bounds for onscroll to Work

Sonu Kapoor over at has, not only a great site, but also some great AJAX controls. He’s always looking to improve his controls and today he stumbled across something. He was working on a prototype where he had a div nested inside of an AJAX tabControl. The div had the property onscroll set. When the div was inside the tabControl, the onscroll function didn’t work. However, outside of the tabControl, it did. Turns out he missed adding the CssStyle to set the proper height/width of the div for the overflow css property and onscroll javascript function to work properly. … Continue reading Need To Set Bounds for onscroll to Work

How To: Properly Reference A JavaScript File

Wow. After 2 hours of pain and suffering, I ran into my own daily WTF. I had some script contained within a .js file in my web. Like many times before, I created a reference to the script in the header. However, the script would only work in the Internet Explorer family and not in Firefox. After some aggrevation (and my Starbuck’s Pike Place Roast kicking in) I realized that the MIME type was set to text/jscript instead of text/javascript. I wish we can modify IntelliSense locally to get items added/removed as needed.

Mario Brothers in JavaScript

I came across this post and found it to be an interesting implementation of Mario. The game is written in 14kb of JavaScript. Check it out at

Enumerating JavaScript Object Properties

I am building a few controls that use client-side script for reuse in the one web app I’m working on. I needed a way to enumerate the property names and values of an object in JavaScript so I knew which properties I had access to. Here’s a JavaScript method I put together to enumerate the properties of a CustomValidator object. I have the function name as the value of the ClientValidationFunction: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 function myValidator(source, args) { var property, propCollection = ““; for(property in source.parentElement) { propCollection += … Continue reading Enumerating JavaScript Object Properties