Yahoo SearchPad Disappoints Me

I was reading a Robert Scoble post about why Google Latitude product is receiving more attention than Yahoo SearchPad. I totally agree with him. After reading his post about his interview and watching the video, I’ve devised a list of items that’s wrong with SearchPad: Where’s our developer API? I, for one, would like to see how I can integrate with this functionality and use it with my own sites. Where’s the integration with sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, FriendFeed, etc? I’d like to generate a list of searches and post it as a blog post using the MetaBlog API. … Continue reading Yahoo SearchPad Disappoints Me

April Fools? Yahoo Accepts Bid To Be Bought Out By Microsoft

I just noticed that my RSS feed reader had a new posting from InfoWorld about Yahoo accepting a bid to be bought out by Microsoft. The URL contains the words “april” and “fools” and it would make sense as I believe they have pulled a stunt like this before. However, to someone who may forget the day of the year, this may seem like a believable story. Here it is: I like the whole employee compensation section with Microsoft giving an Xbox and Zune to all employees they decide to retain. It’s a nice touch.