Technology Highlights of 2008

What fitting way to end 2008 than a list of my own version of technology-related highlights of 2008. Dell’s Acquisition of Equallogic – Ok. So technically this happened in November of 2007. But the acquisition wasn’t completed until early this year. After review of the devices, they are definitely a cost-effective NAS solution. What a great way to introduce storage solutions to small businesses. ASP.NET MVC – Again, this technically happened in 2007, but my first experiences really happened this year. What a great, clean way to build web applications. Flip MinoHD – When Pure Digital introduced the Flip Ultra, … Continue reading Technology Highlights of 2008

Quake Ported to Silverlight. Seriously.

How cool is this? One of my good friends, Aaron Seet, just posted a message to one of the email lists that I’m on with the following link: Yes. Quake is being ported to a Silverlight game. I’m sure this isn’t the last game we’ll see ported either.

Mario Brothers in JavaScript

I came across this post and found it to be an interesting implementation of Mario. The game is written in 14kb of JavaScript. Check it out at