Technology Related Links for May 13th

If you are looking to follow this series, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed at or my Twitter account at This series can be followed by using the Hot Links tag. Series Post #12 The asp.netPRO 2009 Readers’ Choice Award Winners haveen been announced. Daily Quote – "$(document).ready() is the new Page_Load" (Posted by Scott Koon) .NET Languages – C# and Visual Basic ARCast.TV – Kevin Hazzard on Dynamic Languages – G. Andrew Duthie Sneak Preview: Persistence Ignorance and POCO in Entity Framework 4.0 – ADO.NET Team The Road to 4 – WCF Changes between Beta … Continue reading Technology Related Links for May 13th

Yahoo SearchPad Disappoints Me

I was reading a Robert Scoble post about why Google Latitude product is receiving more attention than Yahoo SearchPad. I totally agree with him. After reading his post about his interview and watching the video, I’ve devised a list of items that’s wrong with SearchPad: Where’s our developer API? I, for one, would like to see how I can integrate with this functionality and use it with my own sites. Where’s the integration with sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, FriendFeed, etc? I’d like to generate a list of searches and post it as a blog post using the MetaBlog API. … Continue reading Yahoo SearchPad Disappoints Me

Google Ignoring Feedburner

It appears that Google is ignoring Feedburner and the customer base that comes along with it. Google is in the process of forcing customers to switch their feed syndication from Feedburner over to Google, however, they seem to have some issues and don’t seem to be answering the questions being posed by Feedburner customers. I have an issue where after migration the MyBrand functionality stopped working. I’ve tried using their funky CNAME value for my feed, but that doesn’t seem to work. According to the response from the community on my question, I need to change it to a generic … Continue reading Google Ignoring Feedburner

Technology Highlights of 2008

What fitting way to end 2008 than a list of my own version of technology-related highlights of 2008. Dell’s Acquisition of Equallogic – Ok. So technically this happened in November of 2007. But the acquisition wasn’t completed until early this year. After review of the devices, they are definitely a cost-effective NAS solution. What a great way to introduce storage solutions to small businesses. ASP.NET MVC – Again, this technically happened in 2007, but my first experiences really happened this year. What a great, clean way to build web applications. Flip MinoHD – When Pure Digital introduced the Flip Ultra, … Continue reading Technology Highlights of 2008

Update Google Chrome Using Visual Studio

That’s right. You can build and modify Google Chrome using Visual Studio 2005. Google has provided instructions to setup your environment. You can then download the source from Google’s Subversion repository or download a tarball to build. Check it out at

Google Chrome Vulnerability

Many developers, including myself, have installed the initial beta of Google Chrome. However, downloaders beware. There is a new vulnerability (or old depending on how you look at it) with Google Chrome. For more information, check out the full ZDNet article at

Google Chrome Released – Live Blog Script

Google Chrome has been announced and will be released at 3pm EST on September 2nd. More details to follow. All times below will be in EST. 2:08pm – Google’s shareholder conference about Chrome begins. 2:12pm – Showing how Amazon has changed since 1995. Idea of Chrome came from Google search. 2:13pm – Chrome – the borders of a web browser window, which include the window frames, menus, toolbars and scroll bars. 2:15pm – WebKit will power the core of Google Chrome. Google says if the site will work in Safari, it will work in Chrome. 2:17pm – V8 will power … Continue reading Google Chrome Released – Live Blog Script

Outlook Add-On for Google Apps?

I just read an interesting article where Cemaphore is creating an add-on application for Google Apps. It’s an interesting concept. I haven’t messed with the Office Online options yet to see if the Microsoft team has something similar. If they don’t, this sure would help Google. Here’s the full post