Summary of the MSDN Freedom Roadshow

For those not at the MSDN Freedom Roadshow in Scranton, PA today, you are missed a good show. Here’s what happened: David Solivan – David presented a talk called UI, UX, U confused? The purpose was to show the various options we have and to explain when one option may be better than another by stepping through the design process. There’s a URL he had mentioned during his talk that will show your best options. Check it out at Lindsay Rutter started off by talking about the PDC 08. She mentioned that all should come out and attend the … Continue reading Summary of the MSDN Freedom Roadshow

Web Site Performance

I came across a post on regarding web site performance. Quite often you can take a look at your application and find 10 different ways to make it more efficient. Depending on your environment, you may have many different ways to increase performance. For instance, in a shared hosting environment, you’ll likely be limited as to what you can do on the server, but can tweak your application appropriately. Here are a few things I’d recommend: Compress your HTML output using built-in compression or third party software like GZip. If you are using ASP.NET, make sure you minimize your … Continue reading Web Site Performance

Discovering Adobe Kuler – Color Themes Gallery

Chris Love, posted a tweet today about Adobe Kuler. Kuler is a web/flash based application that allows developers and designers to upload and download color swatches for Adobe Photoshop. It’s a great way, as Chris put it, for developers to pick up color schemes/themes. Thanks for the post Chris!

Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

For quite some time I’ve been working with a modified version of Scott Hanselman’s "Dark Theme" for Visual Studio. The reason for my modifications is that the HTML and CSS settings were very difficult to read. Here is the complete list of changes I’ve made in Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors: Plain Text font to Monaco, 9pt font size, white foreground, and the background to {42, 42, 42} Comment: {0, 217, 108} Compiler Error: Red CSS Comment: {0, 217, 108} CSS Keyword: Cyan CSS Property Value: Cyan CSS Selector: White CSS String Value: {238, 125, 125} … Continue reading Visual Studio Fonts and Colors