Technology Related Links for May 4th, 2009

If you are looking to follow this series, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed at or my Twitter account at This series can be followed by using the Hot Links tag. Series Post #5 Quote of the day – "Requirements are like water. They’re easier to build on when they’re frozen." (Posted by Elijah Manor) .NET Languages – C# and Visual Basic Getting a Recursive FTP File List in .Net – Michael C. Neel Multithreading: creating threads – Luis Abreu What Should Microsoft do for .NET Open Source? – Rob Conery Architecture, Design Patterns, and Testing … Continue reading Technology Related Links for May 4th, 2009

Exceptioneer – Handling and Reporting Exceptions

Exceptioneer is a product created by Pixel Programming. Phil Winstanley, one of the founding members of Pixel Programming, recently sent me an invitation to try out Exceptioneer. No pun intended, their concept and product is exceptional! It’s really easy to setup and is a great way to log exceptions and review them visually. They include a code snippet, stack trace, have a direct link to Google to search for a potential solution, and allow you to share the summary with others without giving them access to your application. To see it’s current capabilities, take about 10 minutes to view their … Continue reading Exceptioneer – Handling and Reporting Exceptions

MD5 Encryption Considered Harmful

A group of 7 researchers have been able to successfully hack an MD5 encrypted security certificate. While this is a critical security risk, most security certificates do not use MD5 encryption in their generating processes. The more common security certificate and digital signature encryption type is SHA-1. The full explanation of their findings can be read at