Online Sync Storage – More is better than Less!

When it comes to getting yourself online storage that will sync between your computers and mobile devices, more is definitely better than less!image

After stating the obvious above, the next part is what might surprise you – the source of free online sync storage space… Microsoft SkyDrive! 

Microsoft has announced changes today to their SkyDrive storage program.  If you have a SkyDrive account today, LOG IN and claim your upgrade to 25 GB of online storage

Failing to make your claim means that your account will revert to a 7 GB storage limit. 

Have more storage needs than 7 (or 25) GB?  No problem, the SkyDrive team has you supported, with up to 100 GB of storage available on a purchase basis.  See for pricing info.

Also, check out the Building Windows 8 blog post regarding the new SkyDrive program changes.

Get the SkyDrive client applications:



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