Because I had nothing else to do…

A couple of months ago I set up an inbox rule to send the notification mails from my website monitoring service direct to my mail client’s deleted items folder.  From the alerts it was obvious that the website was offline and not responding. Of course I needed a rule in place to keep my mobile device from buzzing every 15 minutes, and I guess there could have been other ways to solve that particular problem.

The system that powered our public website was a shared system; the server issue also affected some other Canadian IT Pro and/or Developer groups (who will remain unnamed).  While the outage was inconvenient, it didn’t represent a mission critical or catastrophic loss – the group has had infrastructure problems in the past as is common on shoestring IT budgets, but in this case it wasn’t really an important item that needed immediate resolution.  The vendor supplying our website services did a change, the change affected our service, and unfortunately, without direct contract or engagement with provider Support, resolution wasn’t very prompt.  It was my one and only negative experience with the entire setup.

Fast forward to last weekend, on the first of March, I set up an Office 365 account for the group to use for this purpose, and within an hour or so, the web services were restored to SharePoint Online, along with migration (but it’s not perfect)!

It will take a while to get our group calendar function back online.  SharePoint and public websites don’t behave as I would like but from a reliability perspective, we’re a long way ahead of where we used to be folks! 

So we’re back online! Drop by for a look at the site, and check out the page for event information and other info.  If you have info about an event coming up in the IT Pro community let us know (email addy is on our contact-us page).  Updated RSS and Feedburner links this week. 

If you’d like to help out the Winnipeg IT Professionals group with some web content or contributions in design your input would be really appreciated!

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