Because I had nothing else to do…

A couple of months ago I set up an inbox rule to send the notification mails from my website monitoring service direct to my mail client’s deleted items folder.  From the alerts it was obvious that the website was offline and not responding. Of course I needed a rule in place to keep my mobile device from buzzing every 15 minutes, and I guess there could have been other ways to solve that particular problem. The system that powered our public website was a shared system; the server issue also affected some other Canadian IT Pro and/or Developer groups … Continue reading Because I had nothing else to do…

Server 2012 Deep Dive (Camp)

​Microsoft presents a Server 2012 Deep Dive camp this week in Winnipeg!  It’s happening at the Microsoft offices on March 7, 2013, it is free to attend, and trainers are coming in to deliver content from Toronto. The announcement: Registration Link: Hope to see you there!

Online Sync Storage – More is better than Less!

When it comes to getting yourself online storage that will sync between your computers and mobile devices, more is definitely better than less! After stating the obvious above, the next part is what might surprise you – the source of free online sync storage space… Microsoft SkyDrive!  Microsoft has announced changes today to their SkyDrive storage program.  If you have a SkyDrive account today, LOG IN and claim your upgrade to 25 GB of online storage.  Failing to make your claim means that your account will revert to a 7 GB storage limit.  Have more storage needs than 7 (or … Continue reading Online Sync Storage – More is better than Less!

Technical FAQ’s About Windows SBS 2011

I’m preparing for an internal team discussion about Small Business Server products (Standard and Essentials) with our company’s SMB and Managed Services teams, and I came across this great PDF of frequently asked questions about SBS 2011 Standard. If it’s relevant to our support teams, it’s probably relevant to some of you guys out there too! PDF Link If you’ve got questions about SBS, this would be a great primer or reference to file for that day when you’re trying to recall what the system requirements are, or common supported deployment scenarios for premium add on! 🙂 Cheers, Jason

Exciting upcoming WITPro events!

I’ve been asked a lot about WITPro events recently… when’s the next event? … what are the topics we’re bringing to the group next?  … these are the most common questions I hear.  And in discussions with folks, there has been universal agreement that Hyper-V and Lync are the hot topics that IT pros in this community are interested in! I don’t have any official announcements to make yet, but I can tell you that we’re investing in a Microsoft program that will bring a Hyper-V lab day 6 hour session (actually, two days!  one weekend event, and a weekday … Continue reading Exciting upcoming WITPro events!

Value is not null

Hi everyone, I’m just getting the ball rolling on this new blog space.  My personal thanks, appreciation, and continued respect to the support community for providing Microsoft MVP’s current and past with a resource like this hosting service! Cheers, Jason