Creating an IE plug-in

I was recently approached by a customer about an intriguing project, unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about it since I’m under an NDA, but it involved creating an add-in for Internet Explorer and a custom Windows Service which would act as the backend. I’ve never created any add-ins for IE before but as a long time Windows developer I know that the Microsoft web browser is heavily dependent on COM. Since I’ve been doing mainly .NET development for the last 10 years or so, and sort of left the COM world behind me, I first started looking for … Continue reading Creating an IE plug-in

Visual Studio SP1 is released

As of today at 10:00 AM PST (19:00 CET) the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is available for MSDN subscribers. If you don’t have an MSDN subscription you have to wait until Thursday, March 10 before you can download it. If you already have beta 1 of the service pack installed you don’t have to uninstall that before you install the RTM version since it will be upgraded.

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta released: Great news for VB developers

Today, Thursday, December 9, Microsoft is releasing the beta version of the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 to the public, MSDN subscribers have had it for a couple of days now. It has a Go Live license, so even though it is a beta release you can use it in your products today. Apart from many tweaks and bug fixes it also contains several cool new stuff: Intellitrace for 64-bit and Sharepoint. Silverlight 4 tools. Local help viewer. Performance Wizard for Silverlight. Unit testing on applications targeting the .Net 3.5 Framework. All of the above features are great and … Continue reading Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta released: Great news for VB developers

VB and F# support on Windows Phone 7

Have you also heard the rumor that VB and F# is not support on the new Windows Phone 7? Well, Justin Angel, a Silverlight expert, disagree and in this post on his blog he showed that you indeed can use those languages to develop WP7 applications. Check it out it’s a pretty cool workaround. I must admit that I was a bit skeptic at first since the normal problem with supporting VB on a device that only implement a part of the .Net Framework (such as XNA for writing games for the X-Box) is to include Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll since it, as … Continue reading VB and F# support on Windows Phone 7

When OOP stinks and when you instead should leave a smell behind…

I just saw an interesting video blog post by the CTO of Devexpress entitled Pac-Man and Object-Oriented Programming, in which Julian talks about how we’ve been doing object-oriented programming for 20 years now (or even more than that if you come from the SmallTalk world) and how we, as OOP/OOD programmers and designers think about programming. He then quickly moves on to comparing that to a game of Pac-Man. Now Pac-Man was a great video game developed by Namco in Japan back in 1979 and it was released in Europe and the US the year after. The game was an … Continue reading When OOP stinks and when you instead should leave a smell behind…

Microsoft is switching the light but will it turn on or off?

During the VSLive! keynote in Redmond, Microsoft yesterday announced a new Visual Studio product called LightSwitch. LightSwitch is a new SKU for Visual Studio that will allow people to create line of business (LOB) applications for the desktop and the cloud without writing a single line of code. It will also be shipped with future version of Visual Studio Pro and above. In a way it reminds me of Access but with the difference that it can use different data sources, including Sharepoint and Azure SQL. Since the announcement there have been a wild discussion within the MVP programmers community, … Continue reading Microsoft is switching the light but will it turn on or off?

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 released

Yesterday Microsoft had a big announcement day. At the same time as Steve Ballmer held his keynotes at the SharePoint Developers Conference (see the video) Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 for MSDN subscribers, the public release will be tomorrow, October 21st. They also announced that the official release date of Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 Framework will be on March 22nd, 2010. Visual Studio has been given a new blue-purple logo and at the same time the MSDN web site has also been given a face lift using this blue-purple color scheme. If you have visited … Continue reading Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 released

Award time

On October 1st, I was re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP. In fact I almost missed the e-mail since it ended up in my junk e-mail folder. 🙂 This is the third time that I receive this award and it’s a recognition of my commitment to the programming community and a great honor.

To comment or not to comment

Introduction Anyone that has ever taken a programming class or read a beginners book on the subject know how important it is to write comments in your code. But is that really true? In this post I’m going to discuss/question the common practice of writing comments in your code. Bad comments A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend of mine that runs a construction company. They have an old custom system that they’ve had since the mid or late ’90s sometime. He wanted some slight modifications made to this system, but the consultant business that … Continue reading To comment or not to comment

Copy and Paste programming – A bad habit

Introduction I usually stay away from religious discussions when it comes to programming habits and technology choices simply because they don’t usually make any sense at all and are most often just based on emotions. Arguing if VB.Net is better or worse than C# is just nonsense in my book since the differences between them are minor. They both target the same platforms, and use the same framework, of course there are differences but none of them are so great that you would say that this is a much better language. I personally think that XML literals in VB are … Continue reading Copy and Paste programming – A bad habit