At your service (part II) – ASMX Web Service vs WCF

Introduction Last time I demonstrated how to develop a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. This time we’re going to look at the differences between a ASP.Net WebService and a WCF service. The biggest difference between them is probably that a WebService only can be activated via HTTP and they are tightly coupled with ASP.Net HTTP pipeline. A WCF service on the other hand can be bound to a large variety of network protocols. It also doesn’t require that it is hosted on a web server, it can be hosted in a console application, in a Windows Forms app, or in … Continue reading At your service (part II) – ASMX Web Service vs WCF

At your service (part I) – WCF tutorial in VB

Introduction In this post I’m going to do a tutorial on Windows Communication Foundation, WCF. This tutorial is divided in 4 steps: Defining the WCF data and service contracts. Implementing the WCF service contract. Creating the service-host application. Create a client application that uses the service. So without further ado, let’s get busy. Here is where we are getting busy We’re going to implement our WCF server as a simple console application so start Visual Studio and create a new Console project. But for now we just leave the Sub Main() empty, since we implement the server in step 3. … Continue reading At your service (part I) – WCF tutorial in VB