To comment or not to comment

Introduction Anyone that has ever taken a programming class or read a beginners book on the subject know how important it is to write comments in your code. But is that really true? In this post I’m going to discuss/question the common practice of writing comments in your code. Bad comments A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend of mine that runs a construction company. They have an old custom system that they’ve had since the mid or late ’90s sometime. He wanted some slight modifications made to this system, but the consultant business that … Continue reading To comment or not to comment

Copy and Paste programming – A bad habit

Introduction I usually stay away from religious discussions when it comes to programming habits and technology choices simply because they don’t usually make any sense at all and are most often just based on emotions. Arguing if VB.Net is better or worse than C# is just nonsense in my book since the differences between them are minor. They both target the same platforms, and use the same framework, of course there are differences but none of them are so great that you would say that this is a much better language. I personally think that XML literals in VB are … Continue reading Copy and Paste programming – A bad habit