CORS, AJAX, and POST data in Web API

Last week was quite possibly the most frustrating week of my 15+ year software career. Stuff that was working stopped and stuff that should work didn’t. Hours of research on  the Internet and miles of code trying anything and everything to get over this one small hurdle, but all to no avail.  The good news, if you can call it that, is that I wasn’t alone. As my Grandmother always said “misery loves company”, so I shared the problem with my co-workers at Lotic Factor Inc, Brian Lanham and Chris Atienza, and we all suffered together. And then we suffered … Continue reading CORS, AJAX, and POST data in Web API

Know What the Heck You’re Doing (KWHYD)

Developing for JavaScript has never been easier than it is today thanks to the plethora of freely available open source third party libraries. I’m sure I’ll be writing about many of these in the months to come, but today I want to introduce something that is crucial in JavaScript land. We’ll call it “KWHYD” (pronounced “Quid”) which stands for “Know What the Heck You’re Doing”. What can I say, I’m into naming things these days. Knockout I’m a big fan of KnockoutJS, Steve Sanderson’s now famous MVVM library for JavaScript. It may not be your cup of tea: I’ve talked to some pretty … Continue reading Know What the Heck You’re Doing (KWHYD)