New video at WintellectNOW

I’m pleased as can be to announce that my first video has been published by!

WintellectNOW is a fairly new player in the on demand video training business, but as a division of Wintellect, a very well known and high ended software training and consulting firm, it has serious training credentials. You can read more about WintellectNOW at

Spicing up your ASP.NET MVC apps with KnockoutJS

In this video I cover numerous ways to integrate your server side MVC code with KnockoutJS on the client side.  The course includes a full working solution with all 11 demos from the video.

Here is the official description:

ASP.NET MVC is a robust and powerful framework for creating Web applications, but it is a distinctly server-side technology. KnockoutJS is a popular JavaScript library included with Visual Studio’s MVC templates that implements MVVM on the client side. The marriage of MVC on the server and KnockoutJS on the client yields a great combination, but you’ll need to learn some techniques for integrating the two in order to fully take advantage of this awesome pairing.  In this video, you’ll learn how to do just that through a series of hands-on demonstrations.

And of course here is the link to the video’s home page:

I’m very excited to be a part of this effort, and I look forward to producing many more videos for WintellectNOW!

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