The Wheel in the Sky Keeps Turning

Time marches, the seasons change, and so do our lives.  And so, once again, my life is changing.  Today is my final day with Lotic Factor, Inc.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team at LFI: they are intelligent, dedicated, and a whole lot of fun, both on and off the job.  Unfortunate financial realities may have brought our partnership to an end, but the friendships will certainly endure.  I wish them all the best, they deserve it.

As for my next chapter, on Monday I begin working as a consultant at Sogeti (pronounced “sew-JET-ee”), an international consulting firm.  Sogeti has a stellar reputation and the projects I will be working on promise to be diverse, challenging, and rewarding.  I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to getting to know my new team.

Finally, after much thought on the matter, I have decided to resign as a ComponentOne Influencer.  I feel that with my new obligations, along with plenty of existing ones, that I am no longer able to meet the needs of the program.  I am deeply grateful to ComponentOne for its community support and for letting me be part of their program. Speaking of C1, be sure to check out the new 2013 release of their Studio Enterprise.

3 thoughts on “The Wheel in the Sky Keeps Turning

  1. Congrats! & thanks for all the talks you’ve done over the years (& ComponentOne for helping make that happen), oh and also for the socks!

  2. Hey Joel, I just read your post on moving to JavaScript. I made the move a few years ago myself, and I have built a couple of SPA with Ext JS. I am curious, did Sogeti signed you up as a JavaScript developer? On Monday I am starting a new gig as a WPF/C# developer. I really want to stay on the JavaScript space, but the pay for WPF is something I cannot pass on.

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