Another great event for 2013 goes by and it was a pleasure to present my signature talk on Social Engineering and ASP.Net Defences. There is something about hacking live    and getting reactions to defending the same site and seeing the crowd smile.

The Code Camp (IT Camp) is all about networking and learning , this year I contributed by sponsoring the event www.opulentasp.com and by presenting in two tracks. The subjects were avant guard and very informative.

Social Engineering – ASP.Net Defence Systems

By: Joel Hebert
Social Engineering from the ground up. From creation of the attack vectors in the Social Engineering Toolkit, to execution, to defence in ASP.Net. We shall oversee what defence mechanisms or techniques exist to defend against certain Social Engineering Attacks. The take away: ASP.Net Techniques and modules, SET Experience and techniques.

ASP.Net 4.5 A triage of the best features

By: Joel Hebert
Showcase includes: New request validation features, databinding augmentations, page inspector, unobstrusive validation and much more


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